CityPole™ is Advancing Wireless Infrastructure Networks

Why CityPole™?

CityPole™ streamlines small cell wireless deployments, getting your network up faster. Our smart poles are designed to blend into the urban landscape and accommodate the changing requirements of the wireless industry. As a result of more than 15 years of in-house experience in the wireless industry and expertise in industrial/architectural design, licensed structural engineering, power supply and fabrication, our experienced team develops CityPole™ solutions that meet your requirements.

Every CityPole™ is first developed using our 3D modeling and FEA design software, incorporating all wireless equipment configurations, cabling, power supply, antennas and any site constraints. Our poles are environmentally tested by 3rd party national labs to assure all equipment is temperature controlled protected.

CityPole™ small cell wireless products can support single or multiple carriers in a concealed solution that is aesthetically appealing, low profile, and designed to blend into the neighborhood.

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