CityPole™ Low Profile Concealment Poles Where you Need Them

Urban Environment

Design solutions for the CityPole™ in urban areas often require special considerations for architectural lighting that satisfies the streetscape and existing lighting structures while minimizing the space used in the right of way. Our modular smart CityPole™ designs blend in with the environment, are attractive and are quick to install.

Retail Center

The CityPole™is densifying the retail landscape. It is adaptable, incorporating different lighting arrangements while tailoring the aesthetics to the owners’ requirements and the surrounding environment. CityPole™ is designed to incorporate unique lighting solutions for retail centers and blends in with the existing lighting structures.

University Campus

University Campus densification. The modular pole design allows for data and lighting solutions and coordinates with the architectural aesthetics on campus. These poles can be metered and unmetered to satisfy local utility requirements.

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