CityPole™: A highly versatile smart pole solution to densify your wireless networks

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Do you need wireless densification?

CityPole™ is advancing and expediting small cell deployments in multiple cities, communities, on college campuses and in urban development projects. Our CityPole™ solutions are proven and enable our customers to build robust and connected wireless networks that support the rapidly expanding data requirements of today. CityPole™ delivers solutions that enable wireless operators to quickly deploy the wireless technologies that serve our on-demand lifestyles – from apps to maps, to texts and clicks. Attractive, modular and easy to customize, CityPole™is proven to be an excellent choice for our customers requiring zoning-friendly solutions for their many unique applications.

Small Cell Wireless Requirements

We are creative and passionate about serving our customers with the right solutions for their challenges.

Since 2000, Comptek has been a market leader in the development and deployment of wireless infrastructure products for macro cell and small cell sites. Our customized line of CityPole™structures are laying the ground work for smart cities to thrive. We’re committed to building more than just smart cities.

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